Mayor Iain Lovatt

Not Just a Hashtag


In 2017, I met a leader named Jeff Henderson from Atlanta. Jeff was a pastor and former marketing executive at Chick-fil-a. He asked our small team, “What are you for?” It surprised me how long it actually took us to articulate meaningful answers. If you think about it, it’s really easy to articulate what we are against, but saying exactly what you are FOR could be a little more challenging.

This subtle but powerful question has changed the way I see the world and lead in life and as your Mayor.

Everything I do in my role as Mayor, whether it be leading Council through making policy decisions, contemplating development applications or my fundraising efforts, all of it is filtered through the lens of being #FORstouffville. This guiding principle has helped shape my outlook and drive for unity on council. We respect our differences and celebrate big wins together. I believe we have seen the culture revitalized amongst our staff at Town Hall partly because of #FOR. #FORstouffville is the driving force behind all my community engagement.

The #FOR principle has impacted me and the thousands of leaders, including Leadership Guru John Maxwell. #FOR is a positive approach to life and leadership.

That is why I am #FORstouffville.